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The Faces Behind the Scenes


Video Production St. Louis MO

RIK CANNON Director/Producer/Creative Director/Owner

Rik’s an award winning producer/director with a richly varied body of work. He’s been described as “full of tenacity consistently delivering the best ideas and the perfect final cut.” And as “a rare professional that combines talent with hard work and fantastic listening skills.” Rik is the driving force behind Redline Creative Group and is passionate about every project and every customer experience.

St. Louis Music Video Production

MARTY REIDERVisual Storyteller

Marty has over 30 years experience in our industry and has seen many changes, but the one constant that is a necessity is creative visual content for corporate, social, broadcast, or web. He has consistently delivered the best in creativity and execution on every visual project for corporations, independent producers, directors and agencies. Marty’s exceptional skills in editing and motion graphics will take your ideas and deliver visually engaging content that is just what the client wanted. Marty delivers outstanding visual content on-time, on-budget, and even better than envisioned. Marty also excels as a grillmiester & freestyle chef and often brings his creations to the studio to share!

Adam Dispirito

ADAM DISPIRITO Writer/Executive Producer

Adam has always loved writing but recently discovered the power of storytelling as a means to shed light on important issues hopefully captivating and motivating both hearts and minds. Adam draws upon his extensive personal experiences and intricate knowledge of global security matters and his heartfelt dedication to advocate for change. Through his scripts and screenplays, Adam aims to engage viewers, spark conversations, and ultimately inspire action towards creating a safer and more compassionate world.

Video Post-Production St. Louis


Mike was both born and raised here in St. Louis and began his video career at St. Louis University, graduating in 2002. Going on 20 years later, he finds himself still learning and discovering new things about the industry and the craft behind it every day. From slick editing to dazzling motion graphics, moody color-grading, or teeth-rattling sound design – Mike knows that there’s always another tool to help elevate a project. Mike’s favorite part of the job is bringing something extra to the table that makes the final product even BETTER than what the client envisioned. The art of post-production can be a complex and difficult process – making it easy, enjoyable and impactful for the client is what he does best.



Michael is a very self-driven, hard-working, and talented DP. Over his almost 10 years he has mastered many roles such as DP, Cam Op, 1st AC, and Drone Pilot. His talent, vision and just as importantly his demeanor make him an invaluable member of the Redline team, and he cleans up well.